“The entrepreneurial background and experience of The Forbes M+A Group’s advisors created a strong collaborative relationship. Bill and Jim were unwavering in their advocacy and personally committed to ensuring that we not only received a successful financial outcome, but that we consummated a transaction that was consistent with the long-term goals, culture and vision of the Populus team.”

– Laura Hutchings, Populus


The Forbes M+A Group Named ‘M&A Intermediary Advisory Firm of the Year in Colorado’

Greenwood Village, CO (January 28, 2014) – The Forbes M+A Group , a leading transaction advisory firm, today announced it has been chosen as “M&A Intermediary Advisory Firm of the Year in Colorado” by Corporate INTL. The international award...
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Mr. Blair Withington Joins The Forbes M+A Group

Greenwood Village, CO (December 13, 2013) – The Forbes M+A Group , a leading financial and transaction advisory firm, today announced the addition of Blair Withington to its team of experienced, trusted advisors. With years of merger and acquisition...
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Economic Expansion, Recession and Business Insight Discussed During Colorado CEO Forum

I recently had the privilege of attending the Colorado CEO Forum, which featured renowned economist, Brian Beaulieu. For over 25 years, Mr. Beaulieu has helped businesses combine business cycle analysis with economic forecasts to increase...

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The Forbes M+A Group Named “M&A Advisory Firm of the Year - Colorado” by Acquisition International

Greenwood Village, CO (November 18, 2013) – The Forbes M+A Group, a leading financial and transaction advisor firm, today announced it has been named the Best M&A Firm in Colorado by Acquisition International. The award was determined by a survey...

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Avoiding Common M&A Pitfalls Seminar Recap

“Nationally, 80% of all companies either never sell or they fail to meet their objectives.  That is why it is critical to get an experienced advisor team on board to assist you in the process,” said Bill Nack, Managing Director at Forbes M&A and...

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The Forbes M+A Group Receives Open Mandate for Investment in Healthy Food/Beverage Companies

The Forbes M+A Group has received an open mandate from a large private equity firm interested in “brand owners and/or manufacturers of all-natural food, beverage, consumer products, especially those that are natural, organic, or allergy-free.”...

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A Brief Overview of Financing Options for Acquisitions

When thinking of buying a company, one of the first things buyers need to consider is how to acquire the necessary capital. Fortunately, many different sources of capital exist to help reach your ownership goals. Below is a brief overview of the...

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Do Good Buys Finish Last?

It’s amazing how many buyers fail to win business acquisitions because they are afraid to pay full price.  With fire sale after fire sale during the recession, perhaps buyers are now conditioned to feed off the bottom in search of a good buy....

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What to Look for in a Business Acquisition

At a recent breakfast seminar, one of the panelists explained how successfully buying and selling businesses can be addictive. His buy-build-sell track record had secured market leadership in three different industries, and led to the successful...

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3 Successful M&A Exit Strategies Seminar Recap

“If you’re looking to sell, have a plan, but realize it won’t go according to the plan, but have one anyway.”

That comment from serial entrepreneur Jim Freeman, who recently exited a business he created and grew, kicked off a panel discussion on...

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