“The entrepreneurial background and experience of The Forbes M+A Group’s advisors created a strong collaborative relationship. Bill and Jim were unwavering in their advocacy and personally committed to ensuring that we not only received a successful financial outcome, but that we consummated a transaction that was consistent with the long-term goals, culture and vision of the Populus team.”

– Laura Hutchings, Populus


The Anatomy of a Deal

The following might be a subtitle for this true account of how one deal was put together: “In spite of everything, you need only one buyer – the right one!” (Although the transaction is factual, names, financial data and other details are...

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ThinkTank Energy Products Inc Acquires Energy Efficiency Device Company

Forbes Mergers & Acquisitions is pleased to announce that ThinkTank Energy Products Inc. has acquired the assets of Electronic Educational Devices, Inc. (“EED”) of Aurora, Colorado. Forbes Mergers & Acquisitions served as the exclusive financial...

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Business Valuation: Do the Financials Tell the Whole Story?

Many experts say no! These experts believe that only half of the business valuation should be based on the financials (the number-crunching), with the other half of the business valuation based on non-financial information (the subjective factors).

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Do You Have an Exit Plan?

"Exit strategies may allow you to get out before the bottom falls out of your industry. Well-planned exits allow you to get a better price for your business."

Whether you plan to sell out in one year, five years, or never, you need an exit strategy....

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Why Do Deals Fall Apart?

In many cases, the buyer and seller reach a tentative agreement on the sale of the business, only to have it fall apart. There are reasons this happens, and, once understood, many of the worst deal-smashers can be avoided. Understanding is the key...

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What is a Company Worth?

This question can only be answered by addressing other related questions, specifically: Who’s asking and for what purpose?

From the perspective of the owner, prospective buyers, the IRS, lenders and divorce & bankruptcy courts, the value of a...

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Forbes M+A Represents VisionTEK in Sale of Assets to N Harris Computer Corporation

The Forbes M+A Group is pleased to announce that N Harris Computer Corporation (www.harrisworld.com) has acquired the assets of VisionTEK Inc. (www.visiontekinc.com) of Broomfield, Colorado.   Forbes Mergers and Acquisitions served as the exclusive...

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eSoft, Inc. Announces Sale of UTM Business Assets and Rebranding to zvelo

eSoft, Inc., a leader in secure web filtering, today announced that its Board and shareholders representing a majority of its outstanding shares have agreed to a sale of the assets associated with its UTM Internet security appliance offerings...

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Forbes M+A Represents FirstChoice in Sale to Encompass

The Forbes M+A Group is pleased to announce that FirstChoice Home Healthcare (www.firstchoicecare.com) in Denver, Colorado has been acquired by Encompass Home Health (www.ehhi.com). Forbes Mergers and Acquisitions served as the exclusive financial...

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Mainsail Partners Invests in Novus Biologicals Leading provider of life sciences products to use additional resources for continued growth

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) Mainsail Partners, a San Francisco based private equity firm, announced today that it has completed an equity investment in Novus Biologicals, a leading provider of antibodies, peptides, proteins and other reagents for life...

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