“The entrepreneurial background and experience of The Forbes M+A Group’s advisors created a strong collaborative relationship. Bill and Jim were unwavering in their advocacy and personally committed to ensuring that we not only received a successful financial outcome, but that we consummated a transaction that was consistent with the long-term goals, culture and vision of the Populus team.”

– Laura Hutchings, Populus


"Red Flags" in the Sunset: Avoiding Potential Problems in a Sale

Unlike that poetic title of an old-time standard song, Red Sails in the Sunset, red flags are not a pretty sight. They can cause a deal to crater. Sellers have to learn to recognize situations indicating there might be a problem in their attempt...

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Preparing for a Transaction: Six Tips from Transition Experts

By the time a business owner is thinking seriously about a sale, the window of opportunity is often already closing. This is part of the reason that more than 70% of deals leave money on the table and more than 50% never get to the finish line....

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7 Things to Consider Before Selling Your Business

Selling a business is rarely a straightforward endeavor. There are operational considerations, emotional considerations, and market considerations. Does your company have any red flags or risk factors? How can you increase valuation? What do you...

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What Are Buyers Looking For In a Company?

It has often been said that valuing companies is an art, not a science. When a buyer considers the purchase of a company, three main things are almost always considered when arriving at an offering price.

Some accountants and intermediaries are...

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Catalyzing Innovation

In July, The Forbes M+A Group attended the TiE Rockies Catalyzing Innovation Series.  It was an informative presentation for business owners; particularly those who were seeking to expand their companies through acquisitions.  The keynote of the...

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Breakfast Panel: Two Bites of the Apple Summary

Denver, CO (June 18, 2015) – The Forbes M+A Group played host to over 70 businessmen and women at a breakfast panel presentation that discussed how private equity firms invest in a company (bite #1), grow the company, then sell the company (bite...

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Hot and Frothy: 2015/2016 M&A Outlook Recap

Buyers and sellers receive strategies, advice and tips to take advantage of positive M&A market during recent breakfast seminar

The current M&A market has been described as “frothy,” with high levels of activity predicted to continue at least...

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Determining Corporate Valuation – Beyond the Basics

By training and education, many business appraisers primarily emphasize the numbers.  However, there are many other factors that make a company unique or special, which can dramatically increase value. Below is a list of some of the items to...

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Timing a Sell – First Things First

If you have a successful business, sooner or later you'll consider selling it off along with all its worries and responsibilities. Remember, though, the degree of care and effort you put into the sales process could have a substantial impact on the...

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Market Conditions Support Attractive Deal Market

Last month, I attended the 2014 winter conference of the Alliance of Merger and Acquisition Advisors (AM&AA).  The Scottsdale, AZ location provided a welcome break from the rest of the country’s cold temperatures, and the insightful M&A market...

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